Blissful Ministries is a dream of Nicki Carleton, a soujourner, a disciple of Christ who's mission is to change the culture of prayer in churches, schools and communities and bring the healing experience of the Holy Spirit wherever she goes.  She loves to disciple others in knowing the incredible power of having an intimate relationship with Jesus and hearing his voice.

Nicki travels the world designing and creating interactive Prayer Rooms in hospitals, schools, churches and conferences igniting a renewed passion for prayer.  She also creates Prayer Rooms for children and teens, for different cultures and languages.  She empowers and encourages others to build Prayer Rooms and create unique interactive worship experiences that allow the presence of God to be felt. 

As well as preaching, teaching workshops on ways to change the culture of prayer, and hearing God's voice, she loves to facilitate fun Children's Prayer Workshops. She has a heart for the nations and travels to other countries teaching children to pray powerfully to live lives free from the enemy.

The next exciting project is the finishing of a series of books entitled Teaching Your Children To Pray. Creatively, Hearing God's Voice and Powerfully. Visit the website here.

Nicki lives by faith alone through the generous sponsorship of those she meets along this incredible journey.  Originally from Australia she is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee and wouldn't trade this adventure for anything this world has to offer.

For more information on the 24-7 Prayer Movement which is now the largest prayer movement in history go to

Avondale School Prayer Room - Sydney, Australia

A spiritually powerful prayer room was created for the Avondale School Week of Prayer in 2009. Click here for more pictures.

Children's Prayer Rooms

During a Children's Ministries Conference I created two prayer rooms for different age groups. The kids absolutely loved spending time in these rooms and it was beautiful seeing families praying together. Click here for more Pictures.

Hawaiian Mission Academy Prayer Room

This beautiful Prayer Room at Hawaiian Mission Academy continued on for five weeks until the end of term because during this time a student experienced the tragic loss of a parent. We created new prayer stations for the students to share their emotions, to be a safe place to cry, grieve and pray for the family. Click here to see pictures.

House of Prayer and Healing, Florida Hospital

The House of Prayer and Healing at Florida Hospital was a labor of love and a huge success. This interview with Nicki Carleton tells the story of why prayer rooms are so powerful spiritually and emotionally. Click here to watch the video.

UK School Prayer Rooms

Prayer Rooms in schools is an incredible ministry now growing in countries around the world. Click here to see an amazing video of how impacting the prayer room is at one particular UK school.

Forest Lake Academy 24-7

Forest Lake Academy students in Orlando, Florida, produced this incredible video on the powerful spiritual impact of the prayer room. Click here to see. This room was created by Nicki but FLA has been creating interactive prayer rooms ever since, inviting their community to join them in prayer.

Family Worship Festival

I was asked to create a children's prayer room in a camping tent at a wonderful Family Worship Festival in Hawaii. I also put together a Childrens Prayer Workshop and the children were praying and having fun for about two hours. It was beautiful to see kids praying and learning to hear God's voice. Click here for photos